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Different types of poker games

Most of them all are familiar with Texas Hold’em, which has commonly referred to as Cadillac of Poker, thanks to its widespread popularity in television programs. From regularly scheduled programs, such as the World Poker Tour until the televised Final Table Party of the World Poker Series, most of them have been familiar with how to play Texas Hold’em, particularly the variety of no limit.

However, Texas Hold’em is not the only version of Poker, and until recently, it was not even the most popular version of the game. There are many different types of poker that can be played. Here is a brief look at the different options that are available in the card rooms around the world.

Five cards Draw Poker

Five DRAW Poker cards is the traditional favorite when it comes to playing poker at home. The game is typically played with up to five players. The bets in the raffle of five letters consist of an initial suede plus two rounds of additional bets. Each player is five cards face down, and can discard / replace as many (or all) cards as desired during the initial betting round.

Omaha Poker

The Omaha version of Poker is played with up to ten players. Each player is divided four cards upside down. After four round rounds, there are five community cards face up at the table, which are shared by all players. The player combines two (from four) cards from his hand with community cards to make the best possible poker hand.

Omaha Hello / Lo Poker

There is also a version of Omaha Poker called Hi / Lo. In this version, a player can also win with one hand “LO / LOW” holding full garbage, with cards no higher than 8. For example, a player holding, 2, 3, 4, 6 probably would have a hand He and winning the pot. If another player also had the high hand (for example, two pairs), the pot would divide between them.

Seven Stud Poker cards

Seven study letters is another popular variation of poker. Seven cards, Stud is usually played with up to eight people. The game has an initial suede, followed by five rounds of betting. There are no community cards on seven cards. Each player deals with a total of seven cards, with three that are onside down so that only the player can see, and the remaining four faces so that everyone can see. Players use five of the seven cards they have to make the best possible poker hand. There is also a Hi / Game version.

There are a number of other variations of poker that is worth knowing. Caribbean Stud Poker, Razz Poker, 3-Card Poker and Pineapple make a few. There are many variations of poker apart from Texas Hold’em, each requiring a different strategy to succeed in the game. The different variations of different poker provide ample opportunities for the whole life of exploring the game without getting bored.

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